Citizens and Scientists Against Psychiatry - The New Anti Psychiatry U

Citizens and Scientists Against Psychiatry - The New Anti Psychiatry Union

" Just As Society Outlawed The Torture Dungeons Of Medi Eval Times So Modern Society Will Close And Tear Down All The Mental Asylums Which Are The Modern Equivelent Of Medi Eval Torture Dungeons" 

Dr D. S. Wilson BSc (Social Science)

Psychiatry Is Paid For Murder

Here at the Antipsychiatry Union we spend time trying to engage legal assistance for those being attacked by psychiatry

If you would like to help us; please donate using the paypal button below;

Give Freedom A Chance

Once They House You They Treat You Like They Own You

Getting In Between Any Facet Of Life For Purposes Of Persecution

Being Repeatedly Punished Over And Over For No Stated Crime

Existing In A Population Of Victims That Is Dwindling Every Year From Unnatural Deaths

Donate To Anti Psychiatry Union And Give Freedom A Chance

It Happened Again. i Refused to be Injected With Carcinogenic Poisens ;

The Result The African Health Worker Had Me Detained Four Months In The Bethlem

The Treatment Was Shocking And I Barely Got Out Alive

On A CTO Of Torture Medication

Psychiatrists Are Part Of The Medical Class, They Are From Wealthy Families And Do Not Need To Work

That They Work As Torturers Is To Show They Have A Work Ethic.

Rich Parents Kids Always Get All The Top Jobs Even Though They Dont Need To Work To Survive.

That's Capitalism As We Know It.

30 Years Ago I Held The Keys To Brain Biology In My Hands ; That Psychiatric Drugs Severely Damage The Brain ;

They Put Me Away To Shut Me Up; But The Truth Prevails To This Day

Psychiatric Drugs Were Invented By Nazis To Torture Jews With.

The Truth Is Blatant And Staggering , I Know My Brain Psycho Chemistry.

Psyche Drugs All Damage The Brain And Inhibit Normal Brain Function

That They Are Being Used Today Flies In The Face Of All Our Fathers Fought A War For

Lets End Psychiatry And Tear Down All The Mental Asylums As Was The Policy

Of President John Kennedy

Give Freedom A Chance

Dr Daniel  S Wilson BSc (Social Scientist)

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